Women’s wisdom depends on the ability to surround themselves with the right men

It’s not a secret to anyone that a lot in our life depends on men: from creating civilizations, to the knowledge of spirituality.

Therefore, in order to live warm and protected by God, a woman needs to be friends with those men who can share with her knowledge and experience of high-quality life.

But do not think that they need a priori a priori. You must also give something in return to them. And these are not beautiful eyes, or sex. It is reliability, help, food, access, fun and much more, that the current women unfortunately can not give anyone. And can only give arrogant muzzle and requirements. And only men agree to such an exchange that do not have all those benefits and knowledge to a good life.

And therefore women are forced to spend the time of their communication in low-quality men. From this their life is hungry, unhappy, uncommunicative, empty and unhealthy.

Therefore, women to live well, fill your life with resources for exchange with the best men: develop talents for fun and inspiration, be economic and smart, you should be able to give a man what it does not have, so that with you his brain moves more powerful. To do this, you need to have topics for conversations, the ability to listen, help a man is realized.

And with such a set you can safely come into the life of the best men, and they will be happy to spend your time on you, transfer your knowledge to you, teach you the innovations of the modern world. And you, in turn, will become more successful and happier.

By myself, I can say that I am quite a stupid girl. I do not have education. Bad with mathematics and geography. And the appearance is mediocre. But look at my life. All thanks to men: dad, friends, acquaintances, lovers😁 (joke)

No woman gave me knowledge about the laws of nature, thanks to which God gives me his defense and happiness. No woman gave me knowledge about how to make money in the 21st century. No woman speaks with me about God and is instructed on the path of the truth. That all make men.

Therefore, women surround themselves not by collective farm aborigines who can not give anything except Fingals under the eyes, but find yourself one best man in which your development and meaning of life will be.

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