Today, March 8

Today, March 8, in meaning – the day of the struggle for the rights of women and I welded the soup and cleaned the toilet at home.

So the circumstances have developed that everything is fine with my rights and I can afford to prepare and get used without a feeling of oppression.

Now I will tell my opinion on the problems of female rights.
The fact is that women dissatisfied with their rights are lazy prostitutes. That’s how rude, but I will definitely speak today.

They make millions of video in Tik Tokus that a man must earn dollars and contain them. They are waiting and demanding gifts for March 8 and other holidays. And if something was not expensive to them, then you are a feet and whining. Also, these women are married through the registry office in order to sit on her husband on legal rights.

That is, they were like were things and parts of the interior in Patriarchate, where they contained husbands a couple of centuries ago, they want to stay in the material plan. But at the same time they forget that you have a thing of themselves proven, then be good to fulfill the role of things.

But, they don’t want to be a thing, they are lazy. And therefore, come up with all sorts of oppression when they are achieved, therefore, they are protesting by refusing domestic affairs, obedience of her husband and constant discontents about domestic violence.

I know a lot of women who are sitting on her husband, gave birth to him 2 children, and with his treasures and beatings, they go to cry about how the men are unfair to them. To the question: why don’t they leave him, since you are bad? They answer: sohere to go.

That is, this situation is obtained. Baba Nurse, without a penny, comes to marry the calculation so that her husband contains it, settles on his flooring and flows into a full material dependence on it. That is, it becomes a thing, well, or animals. Accordingly, it receives a well-deserved attitude towards it. After all, the husband, feeling her addiction about him, will begin to demand something in return from it. And the one can give, it is also a bench not only materially, but also morally. He begins to change it. She does not suit it and she begins to wait. That of course it beats. He thinks: the slave also dares to rebel? Sits on the neck, does not give anything and borscht does not cook? That in turn goes to fight for rights with slogans: I do not rag, not a slave and so on. And at that time, at that time, it can not even go to a removable apartment from her husband Tirana – no money.

So the fact is that you are a rag. And all this pathoral struggle for rights is for the rights of which there is really no. And there are no them in society. And you personally before you yourself.

Therefore, if you want right, then just use 3 rules quietly:
1. Being a person (this means to be pure in thoughts: the lack of desire to sit by someone on the neck).
2. Be rich. Yes, without the ability to keep your ass – you are not a person who has its rights. You are an animal, depending on the others.
3. The ability to speak no (and say goodbye to the abusers).

To avoid domestic violence:

Do not associate myself marriage yourself and man. In any conflict situation: gathered things and silently left.

Have your apartment before the appearance of relationships. Once again: with any conflict situation, you should be where to get away from indignation.

Something not like, not to suffer, go away.

If every woman had at the first treason or at the first bruise, gathered things and left the man – he would have forgotten what treason and beatings. He would understand what behavior would bring him to loneliness. And you yourself did the men by the fact that with his cattle behavior (which you deserve) you stay with him, because you have nowhere to go (you are a dependent prostitute). And therefore it all goes on, and you continue to fight for non-existent.

Therefore, I can afford to wash myself today to the toilet, because I don’t want me and my family sniffed stench or cocked on the toilet with bacteria, and I also welded the soup, because I want to eat well and feed my beloved family. I do not need a pathos to prove that I’m not a slave. Because I am not a slave, and if something will be said not in my opinion or done to the detriment of me, I just send someone who did it. And so my husband feeling that I was a person who lived with him for love and not depending on the material from him, would not even think about what I need to hit or humiliate. Because I am an independent woman, I have where to go, I have something to eat and what to live, as well as I am not connected by the uzami marriage. This is freedom. This is my rights. I myself created my brain myself and our hardworking. And you are stupid lazy prostitutes go and further demand gifts on March 8 from your men, just then do not fit that you are pussy and you have nowhere to go. Instead of your requirements, go to work, earn yourself.

We work mentally and do not have to fight.

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