This is the adrenaline I experienced today

I went to Sky Park, where the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world is located, and the only thing I wanted to do was jump from the tarzan. But after looking at the other people who do this, I frankly put it in.

But it’s not for nothing that I came here, I thought. And decided to try the highest swing in the world 170 meters.

Since I was flying alone, and the wind was strong, they did not let me go alone and had to fly with an instructor. And thank God I would have died of fear alone.

The only thing I thought about when I flew was that I would never repeat it again. Breathing stops, the heart stops, all the processes in the body stop, and the only thing you want is not to fly.

But I liked it, the instructors are fun and keep you calm, and when you climb back, you see incredible beauty in front of you and around you.

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