That’s how I started to advertise zabugorsk gear

📢You have already seen the video review with the fitting of my collection of waist corsets. Now just look at the promotional photos from the same shoot.

Honestly, I really enjoy showing clothes on myself. It’s so sweet just to spin around in new clothes for the camera. Perhaps this is the childhood dream of any little girl.

☀Therefore, girls, if you need corsets for the waist, you can order them from a trusted seller: https://femmeshapewear.com.
I checked it myself – the quality is excellent. It is immediately evident – not Ali Express.

And with the promo code “BLOGIKA” + another 10% discount.

By the way, I’m wearing corsets in size S. Provided that the waist is 65 cm.

By the way, see more reviews on my insta: https://www.instagram.com/blogikaaa/

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