Sports in the Maldives

Undoubtedly, the first thing I work on in my life is my health. But I think that rocking chairs are not for me. I have long understood that swimming and everything related to water is much more effective for the body. At least for mine. So the first thing I do when I come to a new place is to try something new, or my favorite old water sports.

The first thing that I really like very much is the jet ski. In the first photo. They call him there: jetski. The first time I rode it back in September in the Crimea. And even then I realized that this is my passion. Speed, water, adrenaline. I love to accelerate to incredible speed and feel like the conqueror of the seas and oceans, cutting the water surface under me. On it we went to the open ocean for a couple of hours and looked at the islands that we came across on the way. Stayed on uninhabited islands and watched different corals and animals.

The second thing I liked the least was kayaking. Why didn’t you like it? Because you have to work with your hands. And this is my least favorite thing in life. However, it helped to develop the joints and muscles of the back and arms. And you can also go around the island and look at it slowly from all sides.

Stand-up paddle board. In the third photo. I wanted to try it back in Len. area when I went to Vyborg in August. Here you need to maintain balance, which I have not always had. And you can change your position at any moment. You can get up and row, You can sit on your knees, on the ass. You can sail away from the shore and lie down to sunbathe. Just be careful not to get seasick)

Fly-Board. The bottom line is that under the pressure of water, you are knocked out to a height and you seem to fly over the ocean. This requires a very colossal concentration on balance. To be honest, I didn’t succeed. For half an hour of work, I was able to get up for a few seconds only 2 times. + I broke one of my boots. Apparently I resist the height so much. But I do not despair and will try it again next time. Although for me it was a big surprise that something might not work for me in the water. Apparently this is really difficult and you need to train more to overcome the fear of heights and flight.

Well, also diving. How can you be without him. This time I didn’t dive like I did in September. This time I just grabbed my snorkel and fins and swam, looking at the beauty of the ocean whenever I wanted.

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