Look at how good today in Altai

This trip was organized by an unexpected way. Initially, I planned to go to Turkey with a girlfriend. But Turkey was closed and I went alone to Gorno-Altaisk.

And I did not regret anything. No people. Yes, for me it is a big plus. For now news is clogged with information that in Anapa, Sochi, Crimea, people press each other and fight for the place on the beach.

And in Altai silence and calm. Today I took it unclear where, where there are no people nor animals. Only ants who wanted to climb into my panties.

In total, passed 12km. I visited Lake Ayskoye. By the way, the water is transparent there. Cleaner than water on the beaches in Sochi. People there were a couple of dozen. Everyone enough space.

It was also on a suspended pedestrian bridge overlooking the Icon Barrel.

And then went into the wild places where the hill was climbing on the top, and then to the river.

I managed to warm up a little, the sun is very powerful. 25 degrees.

And here is a bunch of butterflies.

In short, sang songs, lay in the sun, rejoiced by the conquest of the territories and received adrenaline from unknown places.

So friends, if you develop, God will send you yourself where you need. If you are a bot system, then you will relax with the same as you are in the attacker somewhere in Anapa. And if you deserve more, he will give you the world of calm and grace in the silence of the Altai Territory.

Just take a look, what kind of nature there

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