Life on a suitcase

In my case on a backpack.
Do you know how to travel for weeks away from the house with a set of things fixed in one small backpack?!

For all the travel time, I developed a specific scheme that allows you to live with a minimum of things for a long time.

I took the baggage only twice in my life. And half things were not useful at all. Or it was useful once. But for this, I had to look for a place for issuing luggage, wait for him and nervous, would not lose it somewhere. It is also always possible that it is sang or something will break in it. As it was once with me. I was lucky from the Crimea jars with Sakska mud. The jars broke away from the kayan baggage by the airport staff, and all my backpack was in the mud. I had to give in chemical patches. Now I’m not baggage.

What am I take with me?!

1. Mini laptop.
Yes, I have a large stationary laptop at home, but I bought a minibuch specially for travel. It is easier for the back, you can get anywhere and as you like. If you are interested in persons, advise for you a laptop: Huawei HN-W19R.

2. Hygienic lipstick and sun cream.
If you do not sit at home, but walk. Many walk! Then the muzzle will burn. Moisten it in the morning and in the evening hygienic (after all, the cracked lips will deliver discomfort), and the cream with SPF (after all, the red burnt nose in a couple of years to turn into brown spots, which will add to the type of + 10 years).

3. Toothbrush with pasta and wet wipes.
I think you should not say that the mouth and pissing should always be clean, so as not to go through dentists and the strictrologists later.

4. Branch for outlets.
This is in case you eat abroad. On ozone there is such about 10 dollars. But you will not have to run in a panic in another language to the reception, and ask to solve your problem of a discharged phone. If you eat not abroad, then the Power Bank may be useful to you. Although I have not taken it for a long time, because the outlet is now at every step, and the technique in the 21st century is created with long-term batteries;)

5. Manicure scissors and nail file.
There is nothing more annoying a broken nail. And on the road it happens often, for you have to get a backpack there here. I had a moment when I tried to catch a baggage with a baking tape, and nothing but as a broken nail did not work. Baggage caught some kind of man. And then I needed to change clothes, and this nail started everything on his way.

What I do not take with myself

1. Panties and socks.
Yes, I went to that and go all the time. Every evening, washing socks and panties and squeezed them on the battery. And in the morning I wear them, clean current. I do not see the point of spending a place in a backpack on it. After all, you can sleep naked at night while your underwear will dry.

2. Heels.
I do not know how you, and I do not go to the party. Therefore, I have enough sneakers and slopes. Yes, and generally heels are not very useful for health.

3. Excess germination.
You eat not to show the mod, but for the sake of getting impressions and moments. Some pants, windbreaker, shorts, T-shirt. Enough.

4. Food.
Food everywhere. Do not waste place in a backpack that is used to use one-time. Buy in place fresh food.

5. Shampoos.
As a rule, in hotels there are already shampoos, towels, etc. If not, you can go to the store behind it. All the same, the planes are not allowed with liquids. It is better to braid your hair in the spikelets and so they will fight 3 times less.

And remember, the less you need things for life – the more you are free. And this rule is valid not only on trips, but also in life. After all, when there is no what to overeat, you are not nervous about how you would have convicted. When you do not have something to lose, you are not nervous, as if something is not losing. The head is free, thoughts are deeper.

And I flew alone to look for answers to questions “Who am I”. In place +4 hours from
Moscow time.
Guess: Where?

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