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I returned from Leningrad

I returned from Leningrad🔥

This was my trip. So rich and contrasting that I was even really tired))

During this trip, I managed:

🍑 To swim in the Vyborg Bay and in the Bolshoy Lesnoye Lake, which is located 30 km from Vyborg. Jump into the springboard and sunbathe.

🍑Ride on electric scooters and for the first time in your life on the attractions in the “Divo Island”.

🍑 Riding in a cart is a common event for Peter, as well as sitting on the twine at the Kazan Cathedral.

🍑Visit Karelia, in particular the Ruskeala mountain park and waterfalls.
Fly the troll through the marble canyon.

🍑 Conduct two photo sessions in the best studios in St. Petersburg.

And a lot more, but for more details on this in pictures, see my instagram:


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