“I am nothing like everyone else,” they said.

So I’m walking down the street, and I see this picture in front of me At first I thought that I was seeing double. And then I realized that it was not the eyes. And in herd society.
Moreover, two of them are friends, and one is unfamiliar to them. And imagine what a coincidence – everyone is dressed as one person.
This is the desire to imitate the herd, to be a gray mass, no individuality.
And then they wonder: why did their husband go to another? Or why was their boss fired and replaced by another employee? Or why did their friends become friends with others?

Yes, because you, that Masha from the next doorway, everything is the same. Same!!!

Your husband kisses that you, that your neighbor – one smell of the average household prostitute. But the neighbor also has bigger tits. Therefore, he will go to her.

Your boss does not care who pays the salary for sitting ass in a slave place. But Masha is also a friend’s wife. Well, how can you not promote your own?

And your friends, what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with Masha are equally not interested. One and the same talk about the weather, salaries, taxes, etc. Only Masha is also uglier – against her background your other girlfriends will look better.

It’s not for you to be an alpha female when your husband kisses you and goes crazy. It’s like the floor is disappearing under his feet. And every day the connection becomes more romantic and stronger. After all, only you have such a smell. And all the other women smell like shit to him. At the very thought of other women, he has a gag reflex.

And you don’t have to be a self-employed alpha female. Lacking bosses and by half of your life, create your capital and foundation under your feet. That in consequence will not force someone to replace you. Because for yourself you are not replaceable a priori.

And this is not for you to be an alpha female, whose friends see so much value and support in you that they write and call every day. They are proud of the fact that you are in their life. They listen to your advice and listen to your stories with an open mouth, inspired by your experience.

Yes, it is difficult to be not a gray mass. Well, you have to work on yourself. Think. I’d better go and dress like my colleague, Neighbor, Girlfriend and all three of us will meet at the same time after our slave work in offices and shops. And we will be like the same sheep, no different from each other, going home to one goal: to devour and sleep.

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