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How I ended up in the Maldives slums yesterday

It all started with the fact that we went on a small motor boat diving to catch fish and then fry it on another island. But at one point there was a clap and the boat stalled. The engine has broken down. And we are in the open ocean.

We were able to get to the nearest island, but it turned out to be not a resort. Local aborigines live there and are engaged in farming. Naturally, they do not know English to communicate with tourists.

While the organizers of this trip called another boat for help, we got to know the natives, they fed and watered us with coconuts and water. Very friendly people. Showed us their plant growing farms.

In total, we had to stay there for about an hour. Naturally, mosquitoes are not killed there as in the resort. And they do not comb the sand, and do not even try to get rid of the debris.

This I mean that the quality of life does not depend on the country and nationality. In total, life is about the same everywhere. Because man is one biological being. He cannot be a god in one country. In another animal. By and large, all people have both those and other echoes in themselves. It just manifests itself in different categories.

We all hate Russia, but look at my photos. The usual life here in the Maldives outside the resorts looks like this. In my opinion, living in the provinces of Russia is much more convenient and pleasant. Moscow is also clean and beautiful as here in the resorts. All of this is done to make money through tourism. But where there is no tourism, regardless of the country, it is equally sad everywhere. People keep the purity not for themselves, but for others (for money).

Therefore, if you want luxury life, pay millions and live your whole life in resorts. You will have both cleanliness and beauty and licking ass. And if you are an ordinary mortal, then regardless of the country you will live an ordinary human life. And then don’t hate the place where you live now. So everyone and so everywhere.

The whole world is diverse and at the same time similar.
Thinking that one bun is tastier than another is a mistake.
They are both made from the same dough, by the same pastry chef, in the same bakery.

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