Half a million subscribers on my channel

And this is half a lemon! In almost a year – this result was made! During this time, my videos were viewed 132 million times, and the total number of hours of views was: 3.7 million hours.

💥I like that I have the opportunity to have fun – try on clothes, fool around on camera, dance and the like, that is, nothing complicated – and get views, likes and other goodies for it. Perhaps this comes from my wild laziness in physical labor and great fear of real work in a store or school.

💥 I want to say that I am very glad that there are like-minded people around me who help me in creating content and promoting it! If you think about it, then my team is so diverse that I want to cry and laugh)

💥I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to reach the 1 million mark, maybe the channel will be deleted again or something, but I just want to enjoy this moment when I’m glad that I could! I managed! It turned out to create an audience of 500k and create content for them that is in demand.

💥Well, now wait for a stream in this honor on this channel:

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