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Give your child a meaningful life through self-love

Very often I hear such a delusion from many mothers that they love their children more than themselves, explaining this by the phrase: “I will give my last panties for him.” In fact, it is a simple desire to play the role of a good mom, when you are far from like that, but so that you do not have your parental rights deprived, this exaggerated game begins.
The fact is that your children are just a part of you, often mixed with some kind of “goat”. And therefore, if you do not love yourself, then there is nothing to say about that not whole part of you that lives in your child.

If you allow slavery in your life, eat cheap macaroni with GMO, live in the same apartment with a dibil, then believe me, you cannot wish your child to live a free life, eat fresh farm products and love a genius. As a rule, I see that such mothers put their daughters under even more flawed men, explaining this with the phrase: “but rukasty.” Since childhood, these mothers feed their children with the same macaroni with GMO, and then ask for cancer treatment using SMS. Etc.

Just understand that love in this case is not nice to dress, go to the spa, get a manicure. In this example, your child will grow up spoiled by worldly things and pathos. But he will never receive love, not from you, and not from himself.

Self-love is: don’t waste your nerves. From the word at all. After all, if you understand logically, then any experience and negative emotion is just an unconscious delusion. Understand it and the reason for your nervousness will disappear.

Self-love is: to develop in your virtues and logic. Do not spray on unfaithful friends, stupid relatives, or meaningless pursuits. Better lie down, think, read, and get a conversation with a scientist philosopher.

And only when you use the right love for yourself can you give your child at least a piece of it. You will teach by your example not to waste your nerves, and your child will be healthy and will not drown out his psychoses with drugs or alcohol. You will be able to introduce him to interesting people, and he will communicate with them, gaining intelligence from reason, and not hang out on lists with meaningless friends.

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