Food in Maldives

Fresh seafood filled with iodine and omega 3 is the second reason to travel to countries located on the shores of oceans and seas.

I love fish and other seafood, but all my life until this year I have been eating semi-finished products that have been on store shelves for several weeks or even months. And I thought it was a normal taste. However, we know that when all our life we ​​are kicked with boots, for us it becomes a common occurrence, without which life is already incomplete.

And when I arrived on the island, around which the ocean, I just got into a stomach high. Most of the dishes on the menu are fish, lobsters, shrimps, etc. And everything is fresh. I went nuts from the taste of fresh fish. It turns out to be completely different.

Most of all, I liked the feature when you point to live fish swimming in a salt water pool, and after 20 minutes you eat it. No weeks and months of storage in sealed containers, no pickles and additives to preserve the product. They just caught a live fish, gutted it and served it with soy sauce. They call it Sushimi. I ate it every day and was baldela.

I ate lobster twice, but to be honest, I didn’t like it. I just don’t like the taste and that’s it.

And coconuts are completely different coconuts, in contrast to those that are sold here. They have a soft white flesh, not a hard stone. And the most delicious thing is when, naturally, in the coconut itself, at some stage of ripening, white pulp is mixed with milk and a pudding is obtained that tastes just like space. I tried it on a desert island and did not regret that I got there.

The sausages are fig. Worse than in Russia. If you go to breakfast, don’t take them. Toilet paper and nothing else.

The main thing that I liked about the effect of such a fresh and natural food was the absence of plaque on the teeth. After installing the braces, my teeth require a great deal of space to care for them. And when I ate our food, my breakets quickly turned yellow, and my teeth were covered with plaque, provided that I watched them. Just in food, there is so much chemistry that it cannot be washed in the usual way through a brush. And I had to go to a professional teeth cleaning every month. And in the Maldives, no plaque, nothing turned yellow. It was just a shock for me. Discovery: how food turns out to have a profound effect on our teeth. Eating chemistry – ass to teeth. You eat freshly caught fish – your teeth are healthy.

Now, when I arrived home for a week, those problems with my teeth started again … and I began to miss that food even more.

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