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Day 9

☀Day 9☀

He’s the last day, started early.

☘Breakfast by the sea.

☘Arrival at the airport.

☘3 hours and I’m in Kirov.

Upon arriving home, the first thought that came to me while getting off the plane: what the hell did I forget here? Such thoughts were connected with the fact that in Kirov it is very cold and cloudy. I was dressed in summer clothes and I was all frozen, because autumn is already raging here.

But then such a sincere taxi driver drove me home, the Kirov soul is immediately visible in him. Then native Streets, home, the smell of romantic autumn. In the eyes of people, the thought is read: please warm me. And I realized that home is the best place on earth. It may be cold and cloudy here, but in a small town people have a soul, simplicity, all are relatives to each other. And I missed it so much all week.

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