Cry of the soul for Navalny

The entire internet is packed with calls to rallies on January 23rd.
Now let’s ask a question: the reason for the rally ?!
– For the release of Navalny.

Are you serious right now? You, patience, do not even open your mouth when they do anything to your lives: they raise taxes, take away pensions, raise the prices of gasoline, food, put muzzles on you, forbid you to go wherever you want and when you want, make you work more hours for the same salary … But when world actors in the form of Navalny and Putin played a scene in front of you, you are ready to go en masse under the batons.

First, in your life, you begin to defend rights, and then you may not have to “pretend that you are fighting” for other people’s lives.

It all looks like this: as if the top decided to look: how many idiots are in Russia at the moment ?! And they had a brilliant idea: let’s create a scene where Navalny himself writes on his page the date and time of arrival (so that there is an excuse for why he was supposedly expected in advance at the airport), then we will detain him, write him out for 30 days, and in a detention center it is unusual Thus, it will be possible to film your comments, post them on the Internet, and the next day we will post a video planned in advance with a call to go Baranov to one place (main streets). Well, there we will beat them at the same time, but what, so this herd needs it. The shepherd always beats his Rams with whips, in the direction that he needs.

I’m shocked, can’t you really see that this is all a game? What is all this performance? What is all this theater?
The poisoning of Navalny is also a game.
When a person is really displeasing to someone, this person goes missing in a matter of seconds. Think back to the 90s. Ordinary people cleaned up unnoticed by other ordinary people. And here the most important person (Putin) cannot cope with some kind of insect? Can’t poison? Or just take it out to the forest without a trace ?!

Because Putin and Navalny do not need to quietly remove the opposition. They need the other way around: create the illusion of a struggle, lead people by the nose, giving them faith that some kind of struggle is taking place. That Navalny cares about your rights. And if there is a case, where is the result? Something this “struggle” does not reduce the price of gasoline, food, does not lower taxes.

Yes, because Navalny and Putin are two boots) from one pair. They have one task. It’s just that one plays the role of a bad investigator, and the other – a good one.
But in the end, they are both investigators working on the same case – getting out of you what they need.

And what do they need ?!
Your life. Your empty meaningless life.
More precisely, so that it becomes so. So they work in this way: one is driven into your trust, softening you (in the form of Lesha), the second feeds you with shit (in the form of Vova). And the end result is you, ram: I endured a softened, weak-willed, head over heels in shit, led like a puppet, and unable to live according to my dignity.

In short, do not go to rallies if you are not a moron. You just show them + another ram in the herd (this is at best). At worst, you will be beaten or locked up. Fuck you want this?

Normal people do not need mass events that these same actors have created. Now, if you, like in England, came out against the mask regime, it would be another matter. People really came out there, at the call of human dignity. And not because a call came out on Navalny’s Channel and you galloped like sheep at the direction of your superior.

In general, these rallies are not needed for a super man. Such a person already lives in a high. He has everything. He does not pay these high taxes. Because he does not dig into himself in an incomprehensible business, trying to raise his status in the eyes of skins.
He does not starve because of a small pension, because he had enough brains to learn how to make money by the age of 60.
He does not experience oxygen starvation from masks, because he does not rush into public places, but enjoys the knowledge of God at home or in silence in the forest.
He does not work extra hours at work, fearing the boss and being fired. Because he is not engaged in slavery. He is a free man.

If something does not suit you, you should do something through the positive. Positive changes must go within yourself. Through the negative, through the struggle, you will not change anything: add current anger and hatred in your heart.

Think with your head – and sit at home once more.

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