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Day 8

☀Day 8☀

☘ I went from Popovka to Evpatoria.

☘First I visited the water park: near the lukomorya. As always, I got adrenaline from all the slides.

☘ Then I walked along the embankment of the sea. In Evpatoria, the sea and the beach are very dirty and crowded. I didn’t swim in that place.

☘But there are many interesting buildings that are over 100 years old.

☘The fish tickled my feet.

☘ Weighed at my grandmother on the street for 20 rubles. My meat is 50kg.

I came home tired and walked up.

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Day 7

☀Day 7☀

I spent the whole day on the beach and took a ride on a jet ski for the first time and met the sunset.

“I love speed and adrenaline so much, and whenever possible, I do not miss the opportunity to ride something fast.
But when I decided to fly on the sea, it was scary. Because you only need to ride away from the beach, and if you fall from a jet ski into the open sea, it will not be very pleasant.

But I grabbed the steering wheel with all my strength and threw out the gas. Everything I love. And I got an unforgettable experience, feeling like Paseidon hurrying to his beloved dolphins.

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Day 6

☀Day 6☀

Perhaps the most intense day of all in terms of extreme.

☘First, I went to Olenevka. To Bounty Beach.
Bought, sunbathed, ate ice cream.

☘Then I went to Cape Tarkhankut and scuba dived. Despite the bursting of the capillary in the nose, I was under 10 meters of water without fear for 20 minutes.

☘Then I jumped there into the cup of love.

I barely returned home late at night. I met the guys from Perm.

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Day 5

☀Day 5☀

☘ Day off. I just sunbathe and swim all day. Active rest is also exhausting a lot of energy and the body requires physical rest.

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Day 4

☀Day 4☀

🍀 I went to Novofedorovka. Swim in the super salty Saki Lake. It was perfect pink and holds on the surface of any hippo. Smeared in black dirt, which you already video on one of my videos.
🍀 I bought it already on a pebble beach. Perhaps the most decent of the beaches that I have come across here. Lots of infrastructure, toilets and showers every 50 meters. The depth is good, just for good swimmers like me.
🍀 Grilled mackerel in the beach gazebo. By the way, my suit was in the color of the restaurant’s interior. Light green.
I met there and went back to the popovka.

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Day 3

☀Day 3☀

☘ I went to Donuzlav to the dolphinarium to swim with dolphins. She kissed, hugged them.
☘ Then I sunbathed all day and swam on the territory of the dolphinarium. I tried oysters for the first time.
☘ In the evening I met the sunset on the Belyaus Spit.

Have you already estimated the level of tan on the third day compared to the first?

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Day 2

☀Day 2☀

🍀 Exploration of the beach where the kazantip used to be. So many abandoned and rusty buildings that used to bring thousands of people together.
🍀 In short, all day long on the beach in popovka.


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Another realized goal

✌Another realized goal✌

All my life I wanted to go to the sea, and it so happened that I will soon turn 22, and I still did not know the smell of the sea. At first, my parents did not drive me, and then when independent opportunities appeared, fear of insecurity hung over me. Something like: I will be stolen, robbed and so on.

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But in an instant it all disappeared from my life.

💫I was 18 years old, and had a week to 19 when I took the documents from the Choreographic College. 3 years have passed since that moment, but I am still a graceful ballerina with excellent stretching 💫

As you know, at the moment in my life I do not have any professional education. All that I have behind me is 9 classes, and a burned certificate for this merit.

Leaving the College of Culture was difficult for me, because before that I had another abandoned college behind me – medical. But if I gave up medicine without regret and reproaches of conscience, then I regretted leaving choreography for a couple of years. I regretted it because it was mine, and I was at the peak of my success in training as a choreographer. I staged good performances, I was put in a soloist in the ensemble, the teachers had high hopes for me, and somewhere ahead of me was a red diploma.

But in an instant it all disappeared from my life. According to my desire.

Then I did not understand with logic whether I was doing the right thing or not, I just felt that my studies were suffocating me. I hoped that by changing medicine to choreography, I could breathe and learn, but it turned out that it’s not the profession you are studying for, but education. All education, whether it be the Faculty of Philology at Moscow State University, be it Social Disciplines in a pissing college in some village, is geared towards raising unfree people.

I remember how we plowed in the hall for 12 hours, and still everyone was always unhappy. Not skinny enough, not smiling enough, etc. Bureaucracy, arrogance and eternal ass-licking of educators is not my lifestyle. And I was right.

Now, after 3 years have passed, I realized by logic why I had such feelings in educational institutions in principle. Why am I an uneducated girl from the village. And why am I now not working for 15 thousand in some kind of recreation center Solnyshko.

Now I do choreography when I want, and not when I want to. Mary Ivana, who does not care about your health, your sore knees and your period. She is glad that yesterday from the concert at which you danced, she earned money in her pocket. But today she will still tell you unhappy that you didn’t smile at the audience well enough and will give you 4 in a year and ruin your long-awaited red diploma.

I don’t know about you, but I am proud of my fearlessness before life and social norms of society. I am proud that I am an uneducated kolkhoz woman who could not even finish a single sharaga. And I am proud that at the age of 21 I was able to not be a nurse wiping pissing after a festering grandfather, and not to be a teacher trying to teach children that no one needs are liked by people on stage.