Visited Stalin’s cottage

And then to the forest for mushrooms 😁
How do you like the vegetation of the subtropical belt?


Visited Stalin’s cottage.

And then into the forest for грибами😁
How do you like the vegetation of the subtropical belt?


2 kilograms of metal – all my fatness.

Who could have set even 100 years ago that the exhaust life could only depend on 2 metal things – a laptop and telephone. And again a lot of love live anywhere in the globe, with this life only a piece of iron is needed.

Is this me to whose?

And to you, that physical work thorns the relevance in century and technologist. If another 20 years ago, we could not submit a trip to the store without Aunti Lyuba Saleswoman, who will sell us the necessary products, could not imagine life without aunt’s vali, which washes the floors in the clinic, and could not imagine life without uncle Vasi – a chateker which Us bring us and takes to school and the house, now life is very friend. In each pyaterhok, they replaced the self-service cash regulations, the robots of the vacuum cleaners, which are in every home, and uncle Vasya replaced the cars on the autopilot, which ride all over the world.

So if we see such a tendency: replacement of the labor force on technology, then what dick you still continue to get a saleswoman in Pyaterochka, still I am still satisfied with the waters and dishes in the canteens, still get used to turn the ram in a taxi? Yes, I do not argue that these professions are still in use, but it will be literally a couple of the top three years, and technology will be supplied, and you do not get new modern skills, you will go to starve under the fence with the subsequent opportunity of death.

As the other day, we are developed with one of my acquaintances on your investment account. And I do not love let’s so I just said that if you want to eat in the future for free money – invest in what is just starting to develop, that one foot is in the future.

Hello, it makes no sense to invest from the car, in the catcher, the habit is already exhausted investment models. They are Rzvita and they will be hurt. But the problem is that the world is struggling in technologies and on open investment maughs most – slag. To find a project that really in 5-10 years will be popular and therefore all these Tinkoff investments are not our urvine, friends. This is the last step for squeezing money with the projected kidb.

The fact is that we now live in an eyelid, when a token girl lives better, richer and in general any miner and a doctor. Now correct information, numbers and technology. Physical world and work goes to the background. Survive will be the tustor in foot with time. And it will be better to sprinkle in will be.

Publicly friends, on your meteau Yarum now, I am now being about the future and started to take the steps for him to forget the Soviet slogans, forget the upbringing of your parents and grandmothers, do not waste the time enforcing the formation of designers, chefs, etc. Buy your laptops and develop in remote operation, work out in earnings in earnings using the Internet, study technology and try to work the brain, not your hands.

Good luck!


Well in the Sanatorium Metallurg in Sochi

 Baba Nadia inside me rejoices from joy)



Cheers, finally it turned out to implement a photo session in the geisha style.
Do you think I got this image?

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🐝Fotkal: Anton Semenishchev



In pink neon

Hi friends!
I finished posting all the content from the neon room.
There were also dances – you can see them for 15 dollars because they are completely without clothes.
And the photos are for 10 dollars and they are also without clothes!

Did you like all the content from this shoot?
And what exactly did you like?
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Results of March!

Friends, how was your first month of spring?
Mine went great! I got accustomed to a new place and went on a ski trip!
And all thanks to you and your support!

This month I have created a new account in snapchat for subscribers of the last two levels!
Sent gifts to the last two levels!
And also pleased you with a large amount of content!
I hope you enjoyed my efforts!

I love you and am always glad to see you next to me!


Stand branding.

In connection with the last events, namely the decision of one person from another country: to fill a tattoo like me, I think I must tell my position about tattoos in principle.

In any case, I do not condemn the tattoo on other people or even the desire to have them, but I personally have your two tattooh, I consider you a mistake of youth. And thank God that God fence me only by these mistakes, and not more serious, in the form: not a love marriage and unplanned children, as well as the reception of some substances or problems with the law.

In my life, tattoos were made in unfavorable times and not from a good life. The first tattoo is made in the first year of College, when I just got out of the house and following the example of my girlfriend, went and made a tattoo for 500 rubles. My second tattoo was made due to a strong depression in the time of great loss. My mental pain was so strong that I tried to find ways to cause a physical pain in order to somehow distract from moral.

And as far as I know tattooed people, most of them have made tattoos or from some pain, a reminder of it, or from the spiritual emptiness, so that the tattots at least somehow highlight a person in society. From big happiness, people make love, travel, make discoveries, sing songs, laugh, but just do not leave on their already perfect body tags for life.

And why is this trend so much popular now? We all know well that the first impetus for creating any tendencies creates over the global government for its purposes. And then people themselves support it, making all the work independently. So the elite has a goal: to deprive the humanity of independent thinking by making it a herd and drive him into a depressive state for his further death. What did they come up with?! Yes, everything is very simple! Let’s turn on the migrant animal and criminal in them.

Who knows the history of the appearance of tattoos, he knows that initially they appeared on Skot, the owners of which, they were branded to distinguish their livestock from neighbor’s cattle. Next, the tattoos have gained popularity in the zone at the zekov. They carried the hidden meaning about the life of the criminal and his crimes. Knowing this, the global government introduced a fashion on the tattoos among each layer of the population. Made it through popular stars. And people decided that once on Angelina Jolie there are tattoos, then I want to stand out with their help in society.

But only people did not take into account that, making certain things and actions in their lives, we would like the corresponding mode and begins to live with the relevant life. For example, if we steal, then turn on the hunger mode in your life. Even if there was no real hunger in it, it will come, because nature reads your actions: steals – it means the life is bad, scarce and configures it on this level. And so we can see how to theft life was more or less stable, then after theft, life becomes worse and hungry.

Also with tattoos, people decided that, making them, they would like themselves unique in the eyes of other people, they will express individuality. But what individuality can we talk about if the Tatum is now on every second person. And this is not an individual. Rather, the desire to imitate the majority. As they say: in the century of humpback is not fashionable to be slim.

And therefore, people making tattoos include this “humpback” mode. For your own money, through your own pain, people brand themselves, like everyone else on the joy of their owner, who introduced this fashion. And therefore, there are mass depressive states in humans. You did not think why now psychologists and psychiatrists are the richest people? Yes, because every second person who included this is a criminal and branded lamb, he drove into his herd and deprived himself a real personality. And the person is such a higher creature – that without independent ability to think uniquely – loses his “I” and begins to suffer and root.

Now, all society with this included herd regime and the complete absence of independently thinking has found black and gray shades of their and shared life, and now a person without a tattoo, they are usually ridiculed. After all, how it can be: We are all depressive cattle, which just spat God in the face, deciding that our bodies are not perfect a priori, since it becomes more beautiful with tattoos and not without them, and this gentleman has decided to go to God A happy life, no, let’s do it to make himself tattoo, too, and make it in our clan of safe livestock.

Therefore, you understood everything and hope that one who has not done a tattoos yet – think and drag, and the one who made them, as I, at least let’s recognize your defeat. By the way, I will now delete Tattoo on the back with a laser, let’s see how it will be output, and if everything goes well, then it will also withdraw on your hand. I hope with modern technologies I can regain a perfect clean body without markers of Satanists.

Well, you people remember that individuality goes from the inside of your soul and intelligence. Sell a unique opinion, unique actions, unique inventions and creations. And not just drawings on the body that everyone has. And which as we find out make you on the contrary, like a herd like each other, and not vice versa. Do not include livestock modes in order not to pay huge money for useless treatment of your soul from specialists.


The only aleni I will lose in my life

Today I met my favorite server deer at the festival of the North. Who doesn’t know yet, I’m Chukchi by nationality. And look how cleverly I hold deer in my hand. So to speak: genes remember how to deal with these horns)

Like this tape if you want to watch the deer video 😁
“Northern Lights” – active recreation park thanks for the good hospitality!


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