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Another realized goal

✌Another realized goal✌

All my life I wanted to go to the sea, and it so happened that I will soon turn 22, and I still did not know the smell of the sea. At first, my parents did not drive me, and then when independent opportunities appeared, fear of insecurity hung over me. Something like: I will be stolen, robbed and so on.

I already thought that I don’t want to go to the sea that much since fear overcomes this desire. But then, I realized that nothing bad will happen to a good person, and therefore the sea should be knee-deep for me.

And on the next evening, that is, a week ago, my mother, who had just arrived from the sea, talks about the trip. And I’m like this: damn it, everyone has been to the sea 100 times, alone I wind myself up with fears. And while the season is still on the same evening I bought a ticket. The next day I booked an accommodation and after three days I am sunbathing on the Black Sea beach.

Everything is so easy. And I was afraid.

☀Day 1☀

🍀Night stopover in Moscow, which I made usefully, riding electric scooters and walking along Red Square.
🍀Arrival to Simferopol and drive to Popovka. Yes, I chose the place to stop by the consonance with my last name.
🍀 In the evening I already swim in the sea. For the first time I taste it and I go nuts at how easy it is to swim in it because the water keeps it on the surface.

🌟 The moral of the whole fable is that if you feel fear of the world, then your subconscious mind realizes that you are not a very good person and nature will give you negative moments for this. As soon as you become a good person and your subconscious mind is deprived of fears for bad retribution from nature, all paths will open before you and they will not really carry something negative in themselves.

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