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Another fulfilled childhood dream.

Another fulfilled childhood dream.

It so happened by nature that my mouth left much to be desired from the very childhood: not the correct bite, the size of the teeth that did not correspond to the mouth, fragile teeth prone to caries. And I always asked my parents to put a brace on me. But I told this story in one of the videos on YouTube.
And now, when I have extra money, first of all, on what I spend it: this is my health. Not on show-off, drunkard or parties, but on moral and physical health.
Somewhere I go to the pool, to the bathhouse, to travel, go to a massage, to a procedure, get tested or undergo an examination.

For the last year, I have been busy with a single goal: to correct the bite. Since December 19, I have gone to treat my teeth and prepare them for breaks. Then you probably saw my posts about pulled out wisdom teeth.
And then the day came when they put the first plate on my upper jaw. August 20.

Now I have plates on both jaws and I have been walking with them for about 1.5 months.
In the first days it is painful and not pleasant, then I just forget about them.

After 2 years, the doctors promise to take them off and give me perfectly straight teeth. In the meantime, you have to fall in love with girls with ceramics and iron in their mouths)))

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