All sums up the results of 2020

And I already knew the bitterness of envy in relation to myself. Therefore, I will quietly live my happiness with myself.

💫 Generally speaking, this year in my life is positioned as the year of growing up. Over the course of this year, I went from being a teenager to a woman. I’ve done a lot of adult things that most guys don’t do my age. Am I an accelerator? 100 percent, but not physical, but intellectually – mental.

It was hard sometimes, and I had to use my brains to the maximum. It made me stronger and more fearless. And if I entered 2020 in complete depression, fear for the future, childishness and irresponsibility. I end the year with pride in myself, with fearlessness for my life, with confidence in my abilities and with a vision of plans for the future.

💫 This year I traveled a lot and talked with a bunch of people on business issues, but I did not meet the coronavirus. I am still convinced of your theory that bad things do not happen to a good person. And how else can one explain the fact that some people will go to the store once a week and get sick with the corona, and Nadia travels every 2 months to other cities and countries, but not only does not get the coronavirus, she has not even caught the usual ARVI even once.

Therefore, remember that in this life you can do whatever you want! If you are a person with a head, then everything will go through positive. It will seem as if some forces are carrying you, bypassing all the failures. and if you are far from brain activity, then even breathing, as it turns out, will be dangerous for you!

🍒And yes, the New Year will be more difficult! Do not expect that with the change of numbers on the calendar, your life will reset to zero and everything will work out. You have to be a fool not to see real natural selection begin. And if you do not want everything to work out for you, but even at least just survive and maintain more or less your position in society, you need to work on your soul and intellect. You will have to work much harder.

Well, in general, I wish not to waste time and nerves on negative emotions. Everything in your life will be yours. What you have worked out up to this time will play a decisive factor for your whole life. And no luck will help you to avoid either your punishment or your encouragement.

Cynically? Yes. But perhaps you yourself have already realized that being a naive fool is a losing strategy in life.

With a New number on the calendar! Hurrah)))

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