Again, there was a stir around Navalny

But when will you already understand that all this is a performance. To distract you, fools, from thoughts about being.
Well, tell me honestly, what is interesting about this event? Yes, it’s unfair. Yes, it is pale. Yes, we do. But what is the use of this in your life? Everyone understands perfectly well what power is and what politics is. Well, enough every time to procrastinate the same thing: laws are shit, taxes are high, deputies are greedy, and so on.
All these performances are made in order to lead you like a ram by the horns, to evoke various emotions in you: injustice, anger, despair, and vice versa, joy when Navalny’s new video about solving the crime is released.
Around us they create vanity, noise, cinema, so that we are interested in looking at it, distracted and forget about the main thing – about life.
Just imagine when you die and stand (I say exaggeratedly) before God, then to the question to you: “What did you bring from this life with you to the next as an experience?” what will you answer?
Maybe you answer:
“All my life I looked through the memos about Navalny and grieved how really everything was unfair.”
Or maybe:
“All my youth I went to rallies fighting for a change in power.”

My friend, and you have not tried to go to training courses, to the library, to circles in order to change yourself. And maybe then you wouldn’t have to go to rallies and get pussies from actors with clubs ?!

Before God you should answer something like this: “I lived in interesting times. Times where there is a lot of lies, information, vanity. But I learned how to filter this information into useful (aimed at evolution) and negative (aimed at degradation). Thanks to nature for allowing me to be born at such a time to gain such an experience.
I also learned to take responsibility for my life. When all my friends blamed the president and officials for a bad life, I understood that this was my karma and my lesson. And so I learned to live successfully and happily even under these circumstances. And now I will carry this strength of mind with me to my next life. ”

For example, I say this.
So don’t be a herd. Don’t believe this whole show. And most importantly, do not be distracted by it. Instead of all this information, fill your head with knowledge from books, training videos, and just think for yourself more often. Don’t be afraid of your thoughts. Even if they are terrible and scary, you will at least know what you are starting from and with what to work with. If you have fear, don’t replace it with false information from the media.


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