2 kilograms of metal – all my fatness.

Who could have set even 100 years ago that the exhaust life could only depend on 2 metal things – a laptop and telephone. And again a lot of love live anywhere in the globe, with this life only a piece of iron is needed.

Is this me to whose?

And to you, that physical work thorns the relevance in century and technologist. If another 20 years ago, we could not submit a trip to the store without Aunti Lyuba Saleswoman, who will sell us the necessary products, could not imagine life without aunt’s vali, which washes the floors in the clinic, and could not imagine life without uncle Vasi – a chateker which Us bring us and takes to school and the house, now life is very friend. In each pyaterhok, they replaced the self-service cash regulations, the robots of the vacuum cleaners, which are in every home, and uncle Vasya replaced the cars on the autopilot, which ride all over the world.

So if we see such a tendency: replacement of the labor force on technology, then what dick you still continue to get a saleswoman in Pyaterochka, still I am still satisfied with the waters and dishes in the canteens, still get used to turn the ram in a taxi? Yes, I do not argue that these professions are still in use, but it will be literally a couple of the top three years, and technology will be supplied, and you do not get new modern skills, you will go to starve under the fence with the subsequent opportunity of death.

As the other day, we are developed with one of my acquaintances on your investment account. And I do not love let’s so I just said that if you want to eat in the future for free money – invest in what is just starting to develop, that one foot is in the future.

Hello, it makes no sense to invest from the car, in the catcher, the habit is already exhausted investment models. They are Rzvita and they will be hurt. But the problem is that the world is struggling in technologies and on open investment maughs most – slag. To find a project that really in 5-10 years will be popular and therefore all these Tinkoff investments are not our urvine, friends. This is the last step for squeezing money with the projected kidb.

The fact is that we now live in an eyelid, when a token girl lives better, richer and in general any miner and a doctor. Now correct information, numbers and technology. Physical world and work goes to the background. Survive will be the tustor in foot with time. And it will be better to sprinkle in will be.

Publicly friends, on your meteau Yarum now, I am now being about the future and started to take the steps for him to forget the Soviet slogans, forget the upbringing of your parents and grandmothers, do not waste the time enforcing the formation of designers, chefs, etc. Buy your laptops and develop in remote operation, work out in earnings in earnings using the Internet, study technology and try to work the brain, not your hands.

Good luck!

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